Thursday, September 27, 2012


   Hello! I shall write today about something new... Rumors! Hope you enjoy!

   Today was pretty normal for a B day, until after school. I was sitting in the grass with my friend, Ryan, when a bus goes by, normally, he would wave to his girlfriend on that bus, but he broke up with her a little bit ago. I go to tie my shoe, and I hear Ryan say, "What the? She flipped me off!" I look up in time to see a hand go inside a school bus window. All I'm thinking is, what just happened? After I gave him a questioning look, he told me.
   Turns out, one of Ryan's "friends" told her that he called her the B word. When Ryan heard about this, he tried to fix it, but she wouldn't listen to her! That lead to one thing, then she flipped him off after school when she was on the school bus! I've known Ryan since the fourth grade, and I know he would never call someone a mean name.
   I think that Ryan's "friend" likes her, and wants to make sure she absolutely hates Ryan so that he knows that she won't breakup with him for Ryan again. 
   From Ryan's ex's point, I would be mad, but I wouldn't listen to what one guy told me, especially if I didn't know them! I would actually listen to them, and if I didn't listen to them I would be really mad, but I wouldn't go as far as flipping them off! Talk about a major overreaction! 
   In short terms, don't listen to rumors, because that's all they are. A lie made up by someone to hurt another.

It takes nothing
to join the crowd.
It takes everything
 to stand alone.
-Hans F Hansen

 Authors Note: I understand that this is a little small, but I think it's pretty good.
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