Thursday, September 27, 2012


   Hello! I shall write today about something new... Rumors! Hope you enjoy!

   Today was pretty normal for a B day, until after school. I was sitting in the grass with my friend, Ryan, when a bus goes by, normally, he would wave to his girlfriend on that bus, but he broke up with her a little bit ago. I go to tie my shoe, and I hear Ryan say, "What the? She flipped me off!" I look up in time to see a hand go inside a school bus window. All I'm thinking is, what just happened? After I gave him a questioning look, he told me.
   Turns out, one of Ryan's "friends" told her that he called her the B word. When Ryan heard about this, he tried to fix it, but she wouldn't listen to her! That lead to one thing, then she flipped him off after school when she was on the school bus! I've known Ryan since the fourth grade, and I know he would never call someone a mean name.
   I think that Ryan's "friend" likes her, and wants to make sure she absolutely hates Ryan so that he knows that she won't breakup with him for Ryan again. 
   From Ryan's ex's point, I would be mad, but I wouldn't listen to what one guy told me, especially if I didn't know them! I would actually listen to them, and if I didn't listen to them I would be really mad, but I wouldn't go as far as flipping them off! Talk about a major overreaction! 
   In short terms, don't listen to rumors, because that's all they are. A lie made up by someone to hurt another.

It takes nothing
to join the crowd.
It takes everything
 to stand alone.
-Hans F Hansen

 Authors Note: I understand that this is a little small, but I think it's pretty good.
                 I love comments, and more page views! I still have a goal of 1,000 page views.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Opinion on the Elections

   Hello! Today I am going to write about the presidential elections, since two posts ago, Lonnie, said that he was looking forward to my view on the presidential elections, so here I am writing about it.
   For all who read my blog, and are in America, you know that the elections for the next president is next month. Most people that I know are either have a strong want for the current president to go four more years, or they are just wanting a new president.  
   When this first started in June, or somewhere before August, I heard that a guy named Mr. Trump might be going to go for president. I thought that was a good idea, since America owes lots and lots of money, and I'm not talking about a million dollars, I'm talking about trillions, and Mr. Trump is a very successful business man, so he could probably get America on the right track, and out of debt. Unfortunately, he didn't run for president, but another business man did make it to run for president. I'm not saying that I would vote for either of them, but if it was just based on what I've heard, that I know for a fact aren't rumors, I would rather go for the business man that could help the country get out of debt rather than pick the guy who has spent lots of money on setting up programs that help people with their needs, that they can fix themselves. Peace! :-)

I am glad I can talk to you about fictional characters as
 if they were real, and you still think I'm sane.

Best friends have conversations impossible to
 understand by other people.

 Author's Note: I wrote two quotes because I thought they went together nicely.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Food Challenges

Hello everyone! I just want to thank everyone for viewing my blog, and Lonnie, who wrote a very big comment on my last post. I think I am supposed to do five smiley faces. :-P :-) :-] :-D :-d C-: So there are all of the smiley faces I owe. Unless I said two, instead of one, here are more smiley faces just in case. :-3 L-: T-: Those are weird smiley faces, but they will do. On to the story of today though!
   Okay, have you ever heard of a food challenge? Well, they are definitely challenges. My friend and I kinda went on a food challenge frenzy, turns out there are ten main challenges that you could try to attempt, but some of them are impossible!
   The one that seems the easiest is the bread challenge. You have to eat a slice of bread in forty-five seconds, it sounds super easy, but it's not! I tried to eat it all in forty-five seconds, but I still had a small piece left when the time was up, and that was the easiest one!
   The hardest one would have to be the cinnamon challenge. In the cinnamon challenge, you have to take a spoonful of pure ground cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar, and try to eat it. I won't tell you what happens on this one, because you should see for yourself! Okay, I just found out that it's only a teaspoon of ground cinnamon you try to swallow, and that is easier than a full spoon. You guys should tell me if you do a full spoon, or if you just do a teaspoon.
   Another one of the challenges that I didn't do is the banana sprite challenge. In this challenge, you have to eat a banana and drink sprite without barfing in the next hour. This challenge is nearly impossible. I don't recommend you try to do it, but you can if you want to.
   Okay the easiest challenge, not the one that seems the easiest, is the pound of steak challenge. I didn't do this one with my friend, because we are only thirteen, but I bet that I have already done this. So, I think this is the easiest challenge, especially if you only eat a pound of steak for dinner.
   An impossible challenge to do is the jug of milk challenge. In this challenge, you are supposed to drink a gallon of milk, and not barf within the next hour. The reason why this challenge is impossible is simple. Your stomach isn't meant to hold more than half a gallon of milk, and most of the time, people who have a full gallon of milk, have food in there stomach! So, there is actually reasoning, that I know, to say that this is impossible. I'm not saying you can't, but unless your stomach has been genetically altered to hold a gallon of milk, then you will most likely end up barfing.
   Those are the only challenges I can remember, so that's the end of my post! You could find more if you look up food challenges on a web searcher.

"Work for a cause,
Not for applause
Live life to express,
Not to impress
Don't strive to make your presence noticed,
but to make your absence felt" 

Author's Note: I would love it if you guys told me if you did the food challenges. I would also love it if you tell me if you like the quotes! I shall write my next post in a couple days!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite Sport

   Okay, I am back! Today I am going to write about sports, and games, well most of the sports I know about. Also, I will make fun of some of the sports, so don't take it personally.
   Lets start with the sport that most people know about, football. I didn't really get football when I was younger, and right now, I still only have a basic concept of it. Here's what I say about it. You try to catch the football, but when you catch it, you get tackled by a six foot linebacker! So, why would you want to catch the ball? It's pretty much whoever has the ball gets tackled by the six foot two linebacker! Who wants to be tackled?!?! Not me, that's for sure, unless you like being on the bottom of a dog pile, then go for it!
   We all know that the american pastime is baseball, and to me, it's way more logical than football. So, when your the batter, you try to hit the ball as far away from you, in order to get safe on first base. Lets vote! Who wants to grab a ball and get tackled, or run away from the ball and not get tackled? I vote for no tackling! How about you?
   Another sport that some people may not know about, is cross-country! My sister does this sport, and trust me, it does not look fun. Look at it this way, when people in baseball and football don't do well, they run as their punishment, well that's what the cross-country runners do for a sport! "My sport is your sports punishment" Is what my sister says.
   Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! This simple swimming pool game is full of cheats. For example, anyone can open their eyes underwater and see the blurry images of the people who are Polo, put the people who are Polo can't see if Marco opened his eyes, since it's blurry. Also, Polo can just go underwater every time a person calls out Marco, and avoid saying Polo. I sure don't play that game with my cousin for all of those reasons.
   Let's go to Polo. We all know that golf is hard as it is, but what happens when you add horses to the mix? If you guessed Polo, you are correct! You win one smiley face! :-D Seriously, though, who wants to play golf on a horse? I love horses and all, but the last time I rode a horse, I was pretty sure you needed both hands, unless you have a magical ability over horses. Which would be creepy. All horses would be at your command, imagine the power!

"I've loved the stars
 too fondly
 to be fearful
 of the dark."

   Authors Note: I love all the views I am getting, I have a goal of 1,000 page views!
   Also, does anyone have any sports they want me to write about?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Weekly Blog

   Okay, I know that I haven't wrote in about a week, but I have good reasons, well mostly the one that almost everyone uses. I was really busy! I shall write about it in this post, which might turn into my longest post!
   I pretty much forgot the details of Monday, so I am just going to start writing about Tuesday. On Tuesday, it was raining, and there was also lightning. I was in my class of B day when the power went out for the first time. It wasn't like everyone screamed, it was actually really light outside, we just couldn't watch the projector. After about ten minutes the electricity came back on and we went to our second classes of the day. Gym was a little more exciting, we had to stay inside because it was raining. The coaches decided that we were going to play volleyball, one class against the other, but the court next to us was very annoying. They kept coming over to our court and stealing our volleyballs! One time we took our volley ball back, but they actually said they needed it back, when they already had one! So we ended up not having a volleyball most of the time. One of the times we did have the ball, the power went out. I just hit the ball and when the power went out I just started talking gibberish, because I didn't want anyone walking into me! That's pretty much the most exciting part of Tuesday.
   On Tuesday after school, we went to the gym like normal, but after we ran, my mom signed me up for volleyball, and I started five minutes later. It's been really fun, I am signed up for Tuesday and Wednesday, but most of the other people there are only there on one day. Only two out of more than ten are there for Tuesday and Wednesday. One of them looks like he should be in the first grade, but in reality, he's ten! We even got to day a game called ring ring, but we didn't get to finish the game. The tennis lessons end at five thirty, and then we go to pick up my sister from running at the high school, we don't get home until six. The we make and eat dinner and that takes us to about seven o'clock. Finally I get to doing my homework, and by the time I am finished, I have to go to bed! On Thursday, the only reason I have for not writing is I had to do my laundry, and it takes forever for me to finish. Now you guys know why I didn't write on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
   On Friday, my sister had to go to Salt Lake because she had a track meet up there on Friday and Saturday. I went to my friends for a slumber party, since I had a march tomorrow, and she's in band with me. We ended up playing the game Uno, while eating hummus and crackers until seven o'clock, then we made no bake cookies and watched movies until one o'clock. It was awesome! In the morning we got up and snacked until it was time to go march. We drove over to the beginning of the march, and we are the first band to march! I think I did pretty good, considering that we had to walk to the beat of the song, while keeping in line with the line in front and behind me, the line to my sides, and playing a memorized song. All while avoiding horse poop, since this parade was for the rodeo. I was glad to be in the back of the band, because the line would have already have drifted around the poop. Afterwards my friend that I had a slumber party with came over until nine, since it's the weekend, then we watched a movie and I went to bed. Now do you guys see why I couldn't write until today?

You only have one life to do
 whatever you want with.
 In 100 years, no one will
 remember the stupid mistakes
you made, so make
 a fool of yourself while
 you still have a chance
 because if you spend all
 your life trying to be the
 coolest kid around you will 
never be happy with yourself.

   Author's note: Okay, again, I am really sorry for not writing sooner. I will still try to do my best at writing. Also I love comments.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Blues

   Hey guys! I am sorta sad, because my blog was doing really good and it was getting at least five page views a day, but now I get three, if I do get page views. Thank you who are viewing! I would love if you guys got more people to read! Thank you!
   Today, I had to get up early and go to jazz band. Don't  get me wrong, jazz band is super fun and all, but I am not a morning person! I just got done with getting up that early in the morning! That's the only bad thing about jazz band, on the upside, we learned about a music style called "swing." I like our first song, "Jammin' with Charlie," better than "Dinner with ???" I guess I just like it because I learned it first, but maybe it's just me.
   After that I had my shortened history class, because today we got out of school early! In history, we started learning about different explorers. Here's a fun fact: Christopher Colombus didn't discover America first, Leif Ericson did. Take that Colombus day!
   Then I had band, and we went outside and marched while playing. We are not in good shape. In my line, there was only three people, and I ended up normal, and the other two were right behind the other line of flutes! Try marching when someone is right behind you, it is very difficult, unless they adjust to your speed, but even then it isn't correct. We even ended up going through some sprinklers! I got wet, but not soaking, just damp. (For those of you who don't know, I play flute for marching band, but normally play the oboe.)
   I then had Exploring Technology, and we continued to build wooden planes, I had lots of fun. Okay, I know that I am supposed to be nice, but there is this one kid in that class who just gets on my nerves. He comes up to me and just makes you sort of uncomfortable, not in the weird ways, and he keeps asking me the same thing over and over and over! Why me? Why not talk to someone else? I even asked him to leave me alone, but does he listen? NO! It's not to the point where I can talk to someone about it, it's just weird, and I wish he would stop. Oh well.
   My last class of the day is one of my favorite classes, art. I just love to draw, and today was no exception. I just kept drawing and drawing, I almost wished that class would end later, but my wishes weren't granted. I can hope right? I at least finished my second portfolio drawing. My one friend hasn't even finished her first! Well, never mind that, I shouldn't get into other people's business. 

We are all a little
 weird and
 life's a little weird,
 and when we find
 someone who's weirdness
 is compatible with ours,
 we join up with them and fall into mutual
 weirdness and call it love.

  Author's note: I think the word weird looks weird, does that even make sense?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Friday Dance

   Hello readers of this blog! I am very happy, because i figured out that people from Europe are reading my blog! Hello to those people, and thank you for reading my blog! :-D On to my day I suppose.
   Okay, my day on Friday was actually pretty good for a B day. In Language Arts we went to the library for an orientation, even though we have the same orientation every year, at every school. We even had to do a packet, that was the only difference from the past. So, it's not all that fun.
   My second class on B day is Gym, and unlike most girls, I actually enjoy getting sweaty, and doing sports. In the past couple weeks, we have been doing football, and I think I am pretty good at it. In our class, we have more boys than girls, so we have six teams, and each team has two to three boys, and the rest are girls. My team wasn't as good as the team I had last time, so the first two games we lost. The last one was the most fun. I was playing against a couple of people who were on my team last time, and I knew that they were good, but we still ended up winning. Our teams were the same size, but no one would guard me for some reason, so I would run all the way to the back, and then our quarter back would throw it to me, and I would score the touch down. One of the guys on the other team kept telling them to guard me, but they never did. Even the guy who said to guard me didn't. That was their first mistake. Their second mistake was how they kept overthrowing their passes, over the touchdown line, and into the rocks. Sometimes, we would be able to catch the ball, and then get it part way down the field. It was extremely fun.
   After that we had science, and we learned about ions, and different types of atoms and all of that. Did you know that helium has an evil twin? Instead of being six times lighter than air, it's six times heavier than air, and it makes your voice really low, and  it sounds really cool! We even watched a video about it.
   Math was probably the worst class of the day, we reviewed square roots and powers. It was really boring, but we only got a little homework, so that's good.
   After school, we had a dance! It was so much fun, I even made a new friend, his name is Tyler. The only thing I am disappointed with is that I didn't get to dance with my crush, whenever a slow song got played, I couldn't find him! I ended up dancing once with my sister's boyfriend, and one of her guy friends. My sister said that I could of danced with Tyler since he was "checking me out" but then I hugged my sister and apparently he got scared. I have the next dance to dance with them, right?

"What you do
today is
because you
are exchanging
a day of
your life for it."
  -author unknown

Author's note: Sorry about my last post, I forgot to put in paragraphs, and I understand that it was very hard to read, I am sorry about that. Also, I love comments, anything will do, even criticism, but please be nice. No one likes pain.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Vacation

   Hey guys, I'm back! Did you miss me? I bet you did, but not for long! I am back, and I am going to write a storm! I think I just had a writers block for the past two weeks, but I need to write something, it's almost like therapy, to write about my day. Is that weird? Well, enough of my weirdness, it's time to write!
   Okay, I don't want to sugar coat it but, my weekend was awesome! We went to San Onofre, California! The first part was pretty bad though, we got up at five, and traveled the whole way there until one o'clock! Once we got there, we unpacked the tent, sleeping bag, and what ever you would take camping, right on the beach! Once we finished unpacking, we just walked the twenty feet to the beach, and hung out there for the rest of the day! Then we just went back, and did the obvious; we ate dinner, then went to bed. The next morning, we went to a Swat meet, and just went to the "marketplace" of it. There was clothes, food, furniture, hats, and so much more. We browsed everything! We just did it row by row. At the end, my mom said I could get something, if I did want anything. I ended up getting a cute jean jacket that could go with almost anything! I absolutely love it! The only downside is that I have to hand wash it, and hang it up to dry. My sister got a shirt, I think it's cute but I wouldn't wear it, because it's not my style. We got the clothes and headed back to the beach for the day. When we got to the beach, I tried to go out on the water, but the waves were huge! It was hard to get over them, so I ended up learning how to go under the waves on a boogie board. It was still hard though, because I just started doing that, plus with water pushing you, it's hard to hang on the board at times. After a while, I gave up and skin boarded, but I'm not good at that, so I kept falling over, so once my butt started to hurt a lot, I went up and finished my day. The next day we met our old friends, from when I was in the third grade! I hadn't seen them in two years, and they sure did change. Jane looked the same, but she was taller than me, and she's two years younger than me! Talk about serious growth spurt! And Sam, he looks like he is seventeen, but he is only fourteen! (I think) So we just hung out with them all day. The last day of camping we went to a different beach, to see which one we like better, and we slept under the stars, it was fun, but in the morning, my mom took a picture of me when I was sleeping! My mouth was open!!!! :-[ I don't like it when people take pictures of me sleeping. 
Left to right: My sister then me
In our home
We do second chances
We do thank yous
We do real
We do I'm sorry
We do love
We do laughter
We do mistakes
We do respect
We do happiness
We do dreams
We do faith
We do family

Author's Note: I am aware that some of my posts have been confusing, so I am trying to make it seem less confusing, the first step is to make sure the sentences flow, and the second step is to insert names, instead of having friend 1 and friend 2, I will have actually names, but they will not be the real name. I am putting in fake names so that people don't stalk my friends and family, the only real name is my name. 
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