Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today I went rappelling. It was so much fun! Raappelling is where you have a harness around you and you have a rope connected to the harness and the cliff. Then you lower yourself by giving your rope a little slack when you want to go down. Yeah I had the time of my life! There was 11 people there so I was able to do it 5 times before we had to go. On my last time something happened. When I was lowering myself over the side I lost my balance! I went upside down on the cliff. Although I don't remember. One minute I was on the top of the cliff the next minute I was upside-down on the cliff with my shoe almost off! Luckily my ropes were tight otherwise I would be in the hospital right now or dead, preferably neither. Also one of my friends while not able to touch the rock, somehow, got upside down! And was dangling! Be safe while rappelling!

U:seful... I think
N:ewfound fun 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Book

Has anyone wrote a book? That is reading this blog? I am trying to start a book. So far I only got some characters though... I have about twelve characters I think...
  I would love to hear some ideas of what to do in my book! Please comment!

B:est things ever
O:oh la la!
O:h I gotta
K:indness has nothing to do with books... well maybe a little bit...