Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Friday Dance

   Hello readers of this blog! I am very happy, because i figured out that people from Europe are reading my blog! Hello to those people, and thank you for reading my blog! :-D On to my day I suppose.
   Okay, my day on Friday was actually pretty good for a B day. In Language Arts we went to the library for an orientation, even though we have the same orientation every year, at every school. We even had to do a packet, that was the only difference from the past. So, it's not all that fun.
   My second class on B day is Gym, and unlike most girls, I actually enjoy getting sweaty, and doing sports. In the past couple weeks, we have been doing football, and I think I am pretty good at it. In our class, we have more boys than girls, so we have six teams, and each team has two to three boys, and the rest are girls. My team wasn't as good as the team I had last time, so the first two games we lost. The last one was the most fun. I was playing against a couple of people who were on my team last time, and I knew that they were good, but we still ended up winning. Our teams were the same size, but no one would guard me for some reason, so I would run all the way to the back, and then our quarter back would throw it to me, and I would score the touch down. One of the guys on the other team kept telling them to guard me, but they never did. Even the guy who said to guard me didn't. That was their first mistake. Their second mistake was how they kept overthrowing their passes, over the touchdown line, and into the rocks. Sometimes, we would be able to catch the ball, and then get it part way down the field. It was extremely fun.
   After that we had science, and we learned about ions, and different types of atoms and all of that. Did you know that helium has an evil twin? Instead of being six times lighter than air, it's six times heavier than air, and it makes your voice really low, and  it sounds really cool! We even watched a video about it.
   Math was probably the worst class of the day, we reviewed square roots and powers. It was really boring, but we only got a little homework, so that's good.
   After school, we had a dance! It was so much fun, I even made a new friend, his name is Tyler. The only thing I am disappointed with is that I didn't get to dance with my crush, whenever a slow song got played, I couldn't find him! I ended up dancing once with my sister's boyfriend, and one of her guy friends. My sister said that I could of danced with Tyler since he was "checking me out" but then I hugged my sister and apparently he got scared. I have the next dance to dance with them, right?

"What you do
today is
because you
are exchanging
a day of
your life for it."
  -author unknown

Author's note: Sorry about my last post, I forgot to put in paragraphs, and I understand that it was very hard to read, I am sorry about that. Also, I love comments, anything will do, even criticism, but please be nice. No one likes pain.

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time at your first dance, and yes there will always be another dance!