Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chipmunks Gone Wild!

Yesterday my sister, my dad, and I went hiking on a new trail on Mt. Charleston. It took way longer than expected though and we had to take TONS of breaks. When we finally made it to the top we had squashed sandwiches. When we were done with our sandwiches I had some bread left. Then my dad starts taking off little pieces off bread. Then little chipmunks started coming out and nibbling on the bread pieces. Then they shoved it in their mouths and ran away! When we ran out of bread we gave them the leftovers of our energy bars, but instead of eating the nuts from the energy bar they tried eating the wrapper and licking it! They licked the wrapper like it was a lollipop! The funniest part was how big there tongue was! 'cause their mouth was tiny then all the sudden a gigantic, pink tongue pops out! It was crazy! Then I put nuts on my foot and they were all around me! After that we climbed down the mountain and went home. After that we went home and I realized that one of those chipmunks almost climbed up my pants!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alone at Last

Well at the end of my trip with my family and cousins I am extremely tired of my bratty and annoying cousins. But I still have to ride the whole way home with them! Ugh and the car is packed! The back  is especially crowded. Luckily I got to sit up front. When we got home I... I ... Well I just went to bed and did nothing.  Isn't that wonderful?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Hopeless Castle. day 1

The next day we went to the beach! We went body surfing and boogie boarding and the most exciting part was.... The Castle. After we were tired of the waves we started to make a sand castle, .... but we made too close to the water.  We moved our castle higher, but it still wasn't high enough. We ended up making it halfway up the hill. We started making a wall first so that our castle would be safe. We took two hours to make that wall. Then the water came. We were working non-stop to repair that wall. But in the end I gave up. A little bit later the wall collapsed. An hour later you couldn't even tell it was there. At least we had some fun!

The Ugliness of Traveling

You know how they say traveling is fun? Well they forgot to say stuff about the bad stuff. Like being cramped the whole trip or not getting there for 5 hours. Yep. That is what it's like to travel to San Clemente, California from Las Vegas. It is especially annoying when everybody is complaining. AND when everybody's stuff is between my cousins, my sister, and me. It is just really REALLY annoying when you are shoved in the backseat, that is already really tiny. When we get to the hotel everybody is cranky. Then we get to our room and there is only one bed. We go back to the receptionist, also know as Evil Santa, and get a different room. ( because it is kinda impossible to fit 6 people in 2 beds. And the beds are already tiny!) Now we are happy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magic " Pee" Water

Well I never knew there was a place named Nat Soo Pa. They say that it is " Magical Mineral Water". But to be honest I think it should be called "Pee Water" because it looks kinda green. No not kinda green. VERY green. It is so green that it would not matter if you did pee in it because it would look the same. I still can not believe it is called Nat Soo Pa. Hopefully they change the name.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reunion Part 1 " Hatred From a Child"

Well my family goes to a reunion every fourth of July. This time Jody and Daylin were there! ( I can not remember if they were there or not, but I think not.) Jaden, their son, was also their. I smiled at Jaden and he started crying! I tried and tried and tried to get him to like me! I swear he hates my gut! Every time he cried! It was madness to try and get him to like someone, besides his mom! The closest I got was a smile, and then a frown! Oh well. ( He kinda hated everyone except his mom.)

ATTENTION: This is only part of my reunion. I will tell more about my reunion later, but not the boring parts because well.... they are boring. ALSO! sorry about writing for a while because nothing exciting happened during that time.