Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Blues

   Hey guys! I am sorta sad, because my blog was doing really good and it was getting at least five page views a day, but now I get three, if I do get page views. Thank you who are viewing! I would love if you guys got more people to read! Thank you!
   Today, I had to get up early and go to jazz band. Don't  get me wrong, jazz band is super fun and all, but I am not a morning person! I just got done with getting up that early in the morning! That's the only bad thing about jazz band, on the upside, we learned about a music style called "swing." I like our first song, "Jammin' with Charlie," better than "Dinner with ???" I guess I just like it because I learned it first, but maybe it's just me.
   After that I had my shortened history class, because today we got out of school early! In history, we started learning about different explorers. Here's a fun fact: Christopher Colombus didn't discover America first, Leif Ericson did. Take that Colombus day!
   Then I had band, and we went outside and marched while playing. We are not in good shape. In my line, there was only three people, and I ended up normal, and the other two were right behind the other line of flutes! Try marching when someone is right behind you, it is very difficult, unless they adjust to your speed, but even then it isn't correct. We even ended up going through some sprinklers! I got wet, but not soaking, just damp. (For those of you who don't know, I play flute for marching band, but normally play the oboe.)
   I then had Exploring Technology, and we continued to build wooden planes, I had lots of fun. Okay, I know that I am supposed to be nice, but there is this one kid in that class who just gets on my nerves. He comes up to me and just makes you sort of uncomfortable, not in the weird ways, and he keeps asking me the same thing over and over and over! Why me? Why not talk to someone else? I even asked him to leave me alone, but does he listen? NO! It's not to the point where I can talk to someone about it, it's just weird, and I wish he would stop. Oh well.
   My last class of the day is one of my favorite classes, art. I just love to draw, and today was no exception. I just kept drawing and drawing, I almost wished that class would end later, but my wishes weren't granted. I can hope right? I at least finished my second portfolio drawing. My one friend hasn't even finished her first! Well, never mind that, I shouldn't get into other people's business. 

We are all a little
 weird and
 life's a little weird,
 and when we find
 someone who's weirdness
 is compatible with ours,
 we join up with them and fall into mutual
 weirdness and call it love.

  Author's note: I think the word weird looks weird, does that even make sense?

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