Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Weekly Blog

   Okay, I know that I haven't wrote in about a week, but I have good reasons, well mostly the one that almost everyone uses. I was really busy! I shall write about it in this post, which might turn into my longest post!
   I pretty much forgot the details of Monday, so I am just going to start writing about Tuesday. On Tuesday, it was raining, and there was also lightning. I was in my class of B day when the power went out for the first time. It wasn't like everyone screamed, it was actually really light outside, we just couldn't watch the projector. After about ten minutes the electricity came back on and we went to our second classes of the day. Gym was a little more exciting, we had to stay inside because it was raining. The coaches decided that we were going to play volleyball, one class against the other, but the court next to us was very annoying. They kept coming over to our court and stealing our volleyballs! One time we took our volley ball back, but they actually said they needed it back, when they already had one! So we ended up not having a volleyball most of the time. One of the times we did have the ball, the power went out. I just hit the ball and when the power went out I just started talking gibberish, because I didn't want anyone walking into me! That's pretty much the most exciting part of Tuesday.
   On Tuesday after school, we went to the gym like normal, but after we ran, my mom signed me up for volleyball, and I started five minutes later. It's been really fun, I am signed up for Tuesday and Wednesday, but most of the other people there are only there on one day. Only two out of more than ten are there for Tuesday and Wednesday. One of them looks like he should be in the first grade, but in reality, he's ten! We even got to day a game called ring ring, but we didn't get to finish the game. The tennis lessons end at five thirty, and then we go to pick up my sister from running at the high school, we don't get home until six. The we make and eat dinner and that takes us to about seven o'clock. Finally I get to doing my homework, and by the time I am finished, I have to go to bed! On Thursday, the only reason I have for not writing is I had to do my laundry, and it takes forever for me to finish. Now you guys know why I didn't write on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
   On Friday, my sister had to go to Salt Lake because she had a track meet up there on Friday and Saturday. I went to my friends for a slumber party, since I had a march tomorrow, and she's in band with me. We ended up playing the game Uno, while eating hummus and crackers until seven o'clock, then we made no bake cookies and watched movies until one o'clock. It was awesome! In the morning we got up and snacked until it was time to go march. We drove over to the beginning of the march, and we are the first band to march! I think I did pretty good, considering that we had to walk to the beat of the song, while keeping in line with the line in front and behind me, the line to my sides, and playing a memorized song. All while avoiding horse poop, since this parade was for the rodeo. I was glad to be in the back of the band, because the line would have already have drifted around the poop. Afterwards my friend that I had a slumber party with came over until nine, since it's the weekend, then we watched a movie and I went to bed. Now do you guys see why I couldn't write until today?

You only have one life to do
 whatever you want with.
 In 100 years, no one will
 remember the stupid mistakes
you made, so make
 a fool of yourself while
 you still have a chance
 because if you spend all
 your life trying to be the
 coolest kid around you will 
never be happy with yourself.

   Author's note: Okay, again, I am really sorry for not writing sooner. I will still try to do my best at writing. Also I love comments.

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