Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sunday, I think might be my day to write, so expect me to have a post every Sunday night. If I write on different days, it's just an extra treat. :-)
     I'm an aunt at the age of thirteen! My older sister gave birth to a baby girl on March 1st, at about eight a.m. 
     When I first saw her, she looked so adorable! To be honest, she actually looks like her uncle. She has a butt chin, (or whatever it's called.) blue eyes, brown hair, and chubby cheeks. She also had a cone head, but that will go away with time. When I was there, she also wailed a little bit, and when she did, her chin trembled. She also has this habit of falling asleep as soon as you hold her.
     Seeing this baby just made me definitely want kids. :-D
     When the baby was born it also gave me incentive to finish the blanket I was crocheting. It took me forever to finish it! It took about seven months to finish it, but I didn't even do a row a day. More like I did less than a third of a row each day. The blanket is blue, green, and yellow, I know that most of the time that you give a baby girl pink color schemes, but I thought that maybe that the baby would like something other than pink. (Plus, I didn't have any other colors of yarn.)

When I was young my
mother always told me
was the key to life.
When I went to school
they asked me what I
wanted to be when I
grew up. I wrote down 
They told me I didn't
understand the 
assignment. I told
them they didn't 
understand life.

Author's Note: My birthday is in 24 days!