Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Opinion on the Elections

   Hello! Today I am going to write about the presidential elections, since two posts ago, Lonnie, said that he was looking forward to my view on the presidential elections, so here I am writing about it.
   For all who read my blog, and are in America, you know that the elections for the next president is next month. Most people that I know are either have a strong want for the current president to go four more years, or they are just wanting a new president.  
   When this first started in June, or somewhere before August, I heard that a guy named Mr. Trump might be going to go for president. I thought that was a good idea, since America owes lots and lots of money, and I'm not talking about a million dollars, I'm talking about trillions, and Mr. Trump is a very successful business man, so he could probably get America on the right track, and out of debt. Unfortunately, he didn't run for president, but another business man did make it to run for president. I'm not saying that I would vote for either of them, but if it was just based on what I've heard, that I know for a fact aren't rumors, I would rather go for the business man that could help the country get out of debt rather than pick the guy who has spent lots of money on setting up programs that help people with their needs, that they can fix themselves. Peace! :-)

I am glad I can talk to you about fictional characters as
 if they were real, and you still think I'm sane.

Best friends have conversations impossible to
 understand by other people.

 Author's Note: I wrote two quotes because I thought they went together nicely.

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