Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Starts!

 Well as you all know school has started! (Well at least in Utah....) I am so tired in the morning. I wish I had some hot cocoa or somettging to wake me up in the morning. I just hope that school gets more interesting 'cause it hass been really boring. At least I get to play the oboe tomorrow. (Also a oboe looks like a deformed clarinet.) I used to  play the flute so my mouth is gonna hurt A LOT when I first start playing.... Oh well! See you peoples later!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Funny Fat Baby

Well yesterday at 6 o'clock my dad, Ali, and I went to a show named ''Mystery'' or something like that. When the show started I was amazed! The acrobatics they did were crazy! They were insane! One of the acrobatics jumped from four poles that were about ten fee high! He did a flip and grabbed a different pole with his legs! My dad asked what my favorite character was at the end. I said it was the baby. He was my favorite 'cause he didn't really talk he just made funny noises. At the beginning  he rolled a fat bouncy ball off the stage and started making a pouty face. Then a woman in the crowd grabbed the bouncy ball and threw it to him. When he got it back he said " Mamma" and motioned for her to come on stage. When she was almost onstage he squirted her! In the middle of the show he got her on his golf cart and went backstage with her. The next act he came out with her dressed in a baby out fit! It was hilarious!