Wednesday, June 19, 2013


  Guess what happened to me today? I got woke up by a dog. A freaking dog. I don't own a dog, nobody in my family owns a dog, so how is this possible. So here I am, sleeping peacefully, not fully functioning, when I am woke up by a dog. I was so confused for five seconds, because I wasn't processing all of this. Well, until my sister laughed and I looked up at her.
   Apparently, when my sister went to run, there was a stray dog walking around. Except this dog was really friendly and it responded to basic commands. So my sister decided to bring him home, at freaking seven in the morning, and decided to wake me up with a dog sniffing and licking my face.
   The dog was a pure white Siberian Husky, with pale blue eyes. We think he was about eight months old, but we weren't sure. So we had a husky in our house for a day. We went to an animal hospital, and he had a chip in him, so we were able to return him to his owners!!!!!

"You told me once that you weren't a hero,
there were times where
I didn't think you were human,
but let me tell you in this,
you were the best man,
the most human...
human being I have ever known,
and no one will ever convince me
that you told me a lie.
I was so alone,
and I owe you so much
there's just one more thing, one more miracle,
Sherlock, for me.
Don't. Be. Dead.
Would you do that? Just for me. Just stop it."

-John Watson from Sherlock Holmes

That's from my favorite television series! Also, I just felt like writing this.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sunday, I think might be my day to write, so expect me to have a post every Sunday night. If I write on different days, it's just an extra treat. :-)
     I'm an aunt at the age of thirteen! My older sister gave birth to a baby girl on March 1st, at about eight a.m. 
     When I first saw her, she looked so adorable! To be honest, she actually looks like her uncle. She has a butt chin, (or whatever it's called.) blue eyes, brown hair, and chubby cheeks. She also had a cone head, but that will go away with time. When I was there, she also wailed a little bit, and when she did, her chin trembled. She also has this habit of falling asleep as soon as you hold her.
     Seeing this baby just made me definitely want kids. :-D
     When the baby was born it also gave me incentive to finish the blanket I was crocheting. It took me forever to finish it! It took about seven months to finish it, but I didn't even do a row a day. More like I did less than a third of a row each day. The blanket is blue, green, and yellow, I know that most of the time that you give a baby girl pink color schemes, but I thought that maybe that the baby would like something other than pink. (Plus, I didn't have any other colors of yarn.)

When I was young my
mother always told me
was the key to life.
When I went to school
they asked me what I
wanted to be when I
grew up. I wrote down 
They told me I didn't
understand the 
assignment. I told
them they didn't 
understand life.

Author's Note: My birthday is in 24 days!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Parade of Homes

   Hi! Again! I'm back! It's been a while since I wrote in my blog, and I would like to start writing again. I will probably not write about the past months I have not wrote, since I wouldn't be able to get the details. So, I will just be writing what is current in my life. Enjoy!
   Yesterday was the start of The Parade of Homes in St. George, and we didn't go last year since my sister and I were out of town. But, we get to go this time! Today, my mom and I saw house numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 27. All of them were pretty cool houses, but none of them caught my eye like they did two years ago. Hopefully there will be better ones tomorrow. Although, in the one house there was a hidden pantry! It looked like regular cabinets, but if you pushed on the paneling, it swung open! They also disguised the fridge as a cabinet, but it wasn't as cool as the hidden pantry.
   Alright, going back in time, on Thursday it was Valentine's day, but I'm sure you all knew that. I discovered that it is not only Valentine's day, but Singles Awareness Day? Do you know what that stands for? S.A.D; that's just plain sad!
   I didn't have a valentine, but if you want to think about it technically, I guess I did have a valentine, because  a guy gave me chocolate... but I don't know if that counts or not. Oh well.
   Last but not least, on Valentines day we had our third dance. I danced with six people, three were my friends, one was my crush, and the other two were people I knew. I think the one friend I danced with now thinks that I like him..... Oops :-\

"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.
So when life is dragging you back with difficulties,
it means that it's going to launch you into something great."


Author's Note: I will try writing more often.

Friday, November 16, 2012

March, March, Marching Time!

Today I am actually going to write about Monday, even though it's Friday, but who cares! :-D
     On Monday, the band went to march in the Veterans Day parade! We were scheduled to leave at eight fifteen, before school started but the bus was late, like, really late, so we ended up leaving at  nine o'clock. We still made it to the parade, and in plenty of time, but just not as early as we were supposed to be. In all parades, I play the flute, because my band teacher doesn't want me to break my reeds, because they are really expensive, almost twenty dollars for one reed! Other reeds, like a clarinet reed, is only about two dollars, do you see the difference now? So, here I am, standing in a straight line forwards and sideways, in the frigid morning at nine thirty, when finally, we start to march. Basically that means, going the same speed, in line with the people around you, playing a song that is memorized over and over again, and yet the crazy people who do this are the band members. We actually do more waiting to do the parade than the actual parade. And at the end of the parade, we head over to a park, where they will announce the winners of the parade. Desert Hills Middle School, my school, got........ five out of six awards! That's the best the marching band has ever done! Wooh! Of course that meant we got first place, so another Wooh! :-D
 Maybe we can get all the awards next year!

"I have
chosen to be
because it is
good for
my health." 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Week

Okay, I know that it has been a week since I have wrote, so I am just going to give you details that I remember from Red Ribbon Week. 
   On Tuesday it was neon day, and I wore my neon-yellow trouble maker shirt along with electric blue gloves and earrings. 
   Wednesday was Halloween, and I dressed up as the same thing as last year. A Disco Queen I even had an afro! Apparently I looked like a Go-go girl, because of my boots though. Which, by the end of Halloween night, were literally killing my feet, because I walked around for almost two hours in really high heeled Go-go boots. Also, I went with Random! That's my friends nickname in her one class, so I call her that sometimes. I got a lot of candy, but not as much as my parents gave away, but we still had a whole bucket full of candy, so I am not complaining.
   Thursday was crazy sock day, and I just wore some casual clothes, and I borrowed some knee-high socks from my sister. 
   The theme for Friday was red, so I just wore a red shirt, but before fourth hour, I got checked out from school and went on a road trip! We went to see my grandparents and their dog up in Idaho. The ride wasn't fun, but once we got there it was all good. My mom, my sister and I went to see them because my grandparents dog had been ran over, and he broke his hip. He has to slide around in the kitchen on his two front feet, and when he has to go do his business, my grandma takes a sheet, and she puts it under his belly, so he can walk outside. He is starting to get better though. When we were there he walked four steps on all of his legs. All too soon though, we had to go back to St. George. Another ten hours in the car. Darn.

 I love you
more than
 the 80's loved
big hair

 Author's Note: I love the Eighties and stuff, so that's why I dressed up from that age.
Also, thank you Grandma, for joining my blog!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Ribbon Week Day 1

Hello! This whole week I will be talking about Red Ribbon week, where we pretty much just have a week saying no to drugs. I will write the Red Ribbon's motto of the day above the paragraphs I write.

   Nerd Day: Too smart for drugs
Today was a Monday at my school, but it was also Nerd day for Red Ribbon week. Normally you would expect everyone to be dressed up, but that doesn't mean that people will dress up. Hardly anyone dresses up on Monday because they forget about Red Ribbon week over the weekend. So I go to school with two braids in my hair, black box-like glasses with tape in the middle, and jeans that are little bit too short, and I feel like a loner since hardly anyone else dressed up. Oh well. :-]

"Saying, 'I notice you're a nerd' is like saying, 'Hey I notice that you would rather be intelligent than stupid, that you would rather be thoughtful than vapid, that you believe there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsey Lohan.' "
                                                 -John Green

Author's Note: I even found a quote that fit Nerd Day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm back!

   Hello hello! I am so sorry guys, I haven't posted for a while now, but I have a valid reason. My computer wouldn't publish anything! So I couldn't post anything, but I am back with lots of news, and most likely a very long post.
   The first thing that pops into my mind is school. A quarter of the year is gone! Already! To be honest, I think since I only have a class every other day, it seems even shorter! Even the weekends seem short. Speaking of weekends, we had fall break on Thursday and Friday, making for a long relaxing weekend. Too bad every weekend isn't longer. I think the perfect length of a school week would be four days and the weekend would be three days instead of two, but then we would soon hate the four day week, so that wouldn't work. At least we get longer weekends every now and then.
   The second thing that happened was that I got my hair done! I used to have blonde hair, but when we moved to Utah, my hair started to turn brown, but I got highlights, making my hair look blonde still, but I got tired of the roots. So, I got an Ombre! It's where they have your hair change from one color to another, usually dark to light,  but sometimes it goes light to dark. They take your natural hair color as the starting color, and have it transition to another color. In my case, they just made my roots a little darker, and kept my highlights as the finishing color. The stylist made my Ombre look really subtle, so you could hardly tell the difference with my hair. The stylist did trim my hair, since it had split ends, and I even got bangs! :-D

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish,
by its ability to climb a tree
it will live its whole life
believing it is stupid.
                      -Albert Einstien

Author's Note: Again, I am sorry for not writing, and I hope I can get all of my viewers back!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


   Hello! I shall write today about something new... Rumors! Hope you enjoy!

   Today was pretty normal for a B day, until after school. I was sitting in the grass with my friend, Ryan, when a bus goes by, normally, he would wave to his girlfriend on that bus, but he broke up with her a little bit ago. I go to tie my shoe, and I hear Ryan say, "What the? She flipped me off!" I look up in time to see a hand go inside a school bus window. All I'm thinking is, what just happened? After I gave him a questioning look, he told me.
   Turns out, one of Ryan's "friends" told her that he called her the B word. When Ryan heard about this, he tried to fix it, but she wouldn't listen to her! That lead to one thing, then she flipped him off after school when she was on the school bus! I've known Ryan since the fourth grade, and I know he would never call someone a mean name.
   I think that Ryan's "friend" likes her, and wants to make sure she absolutely hates Ryan so that he knows that she won't breakup with him for Ryan again. 
   From Ryan's ex's point, I would be mad, but I wouldn't listen to what one guy told me, especially if I didn't know them! I would actually listen to them, and if I didn't listen to them I would be really mad, but I wouldn't go as far as flipping them off! Talk about a major overreaction! 
   In short terms, don't listen to rumors, because that's all they are. A lie made up by someone to hurt another.

It takes nothing
to join the crowd.
It takes everything
 to stand alone.
-Hans F Hansen

 Authors Note: I understand that this is a little small, but I think it's pretty good.
                 I love comments, and more page views! I still have a goal of 1,000 page views.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Opinion on the Elections

   Hello! Today I am going to write about the presidential elections, since two posts ago, Lonnie, said that he was looking forward to my view on the presidential elections, so here I am writing about it.
   For all who read my blog, and are in America, you know that the elections for the next president is next month. Most people that I know are either have a strong want for the current president to go four more years, or they are just wanting a new president.  
   When this first started in June, or somewhere before August, I heard that a guy named Mr. Trump might be going to go for president. I thought that was a good idea, since America owes lots and lots of money, and I'm not talking about a million dollars, I'm talking about trillions, and Mr. Trump is a very successful business man, so he could probably get America on the right track, and out of debt. Unfortunately, he didn't run for president, but another business man did make it to run for president. I'm not saying that I would vote for either of them, but if it was just based on what I've heard, that I know for a fact aren't rumors, I would rather go for the business man that could help the country get out of debt rather than pick the guy who has spent lots of money on setting up programs that help people with their needs, that they can fix themselves. Peace! :-)

I am glad I can talk to you about fictional characters as
 if they were real, and you still think I'm sane.

Best friends have conversations impossible to
 understand by other people.

 Author's Note: I wrote two quotes because I thought they went together nicely.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Food Challenges

Hello everyone! I just want to thank everyone for viewing my blog, and Lonnie, who wrote a very big comment on my last post. I think I am supposed to do five smiley faces. :-P :-) :-] :-D :-d C-: So there are all of the smiley faces I owe. Unless I said two, instead of one, here are more smiley faces just in case. :-3 L-: T-: Those are weird smiley faces, but they will do. On to the story of today though!
   Okay, have you ever heard of a food challenge? Well, they are definitely challenges. My friend and I kinda went on a food challenge frenzy, turns out there are ten main challenges that you could try to attempt, but some of them are impossible!
   The one that seems the easiest is the bread challenge. You have to eat a slice of bread in forty-five seconds, it sounds super easy, but it's not! I tried to eat it all in forty-five seconds, but I still had a small piece left when the time was up, and that was the easiest one!
   The hardest one would have to be the cinnamon challenge. In the cinnamon challenge, you have to take a spoonful of pure ground cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar, and try to eat it. I won't tell you what happens on this one, because you should see for yourself! Okay, I just found out that it's only a teaspoon of ground cinnamon you try to swallow, and that is easier than a full spoon. You guys should tell me if you do a full spoon, or if you just do a teaspoon.
   Another one of the challenges that I didn't do is the banana sprite challenge. In this challenge, you have to eat a banana and drink sprite without barfing in the next hour. This challenge is nearly impossible. I don't recommend you try to do it, but you can if you want to.
   Okay the easiest challenge, not the one that seems the easiest, is the pound of steak challenge. I didn't do this one with my friend, because we are only thirteen, but I bet that I have already done this. So, I think this is the easiest challenge, especially if you only eat a pound of steak for dinner.
   An impossible challenge to do is the jug of milk challenge. In this challenge, you are supposed to drink a gallon of milk, and not barf within the next hour. The reason why this challenge is impossible is simple. Your stomach isn't meant to hold more than half a gallon of milk, and most of the time, people who have a full gallon of milk, have food in there stomach! So, there is actually reasoning, that I know, to say that this is impossible. I'm not saying you can't, but unless your stomach has been genetically altered to hold a gallon of milk, then you will most likely end up barfing.
   Those are the only challenges I can remember, so that's the end of my post! You could find more if you look up food challenges on a web searcher.

"Work for a cause,
Not for applause
Live life to express,
Not to impress
Don't strive to make your presence noticed,
but to make your absence felt" 

Author's Note: I would love it if you guys told me if you did the food challenges. I would also love it if you tell me if you like the quotes! I shall write my next post in a couple days!