Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shopping fun! ... or not?

My mom, sister and I went shopping so we could do a craft on Sunday! After that we went to Kohl's because my mom needed to use a coupon. I am done shopping within 15 minutes, but my sister and my mom take more than a hour! So I end up sitting in the corner of the dressing room for most of the time. Also known as BORING! Oh well I at least got some really cute shorts!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crush at a Buffet

You know when you become a teenager you start to have crushes on cute guys? Well my sister had a crush just yesterday. It was ..... interesting. My dad, Ali, and I are going to The Krazy Buffet for dinner. When we are there my sister starts staring at our waiter. Later my dad gapes at Ali and the start arguing! I ask them what they are saying and my sister said that she has a crush on our waiter! Ali says " He is 15!" My dad says "No he is 18!" This goes on for the rest of the time we are eating! To be honest I think our waiter heard the conversation at least once before we left. I don't think age matters if she was planning on marrying him because she is 13!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Have you ever dreamed of school in the summer? I know I Have at least once. Maybe twice. Alright I admit it I dreamed about school at least five times. It is kinda weird to dream about school because you can not remember what the teacher was saying! The weirdest part about dreaming about school is that the school is all weird looking. Well I hope you do not have to dream about school!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

River Rafting

Okay if you had the choice of going to a heated pool or a cold river which would you pick? If you're like me you would of picked to go down the river. It may be dirty and cold but, it is really fun. Especially if you are tubing down it in really BIG tubes! When I called to invite a friend over, Alicia, she said she was to call me to ask me if I wanted to come to the river! So I went with Alicia and we had lods of fun going down the river! Of course we had to leave eventually, but it went by too fast. I hope that I can do that more often... oh well it can't last forever.... or can it?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

bedroom wars

Most people say that sisters are ment to love each other and junk like that? Well..... not for me and my sister! We have wars known as " The Bedroom Wars". My room's name is Hurricane since it is usually a disaster. AKA: very very VERY messy. My sister's room name is " Oasis ". Don't ask me why she named it that because i do not know why. i wanted to name it Pink Pop because her room is pink and she always has her I pod singing pop music. The most recent bedroom war was a couple days ago. My sister wanted me to clean my room, but I was a lazy person when it came to cleaning my room. so my sister made a contest in order to motivate me. who ever got their room the cleanest the fastest would have to do one favor for the other person. Oasis's favor: help move stuff in her room. Hurricanes favor: have a slumber party with Oasis as the maid. as the war went on both rooms were equally clean, but Oasis got won because she got her room cleaner faster. I guess sister's are ment to love each other and other junk because we  are going to do them both!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey its summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful times right? well yes and no. Sleeping in, staying up late and no school are all good things. The bad things are that I wake up and get ready for school when there is no school, I wake up early out of habit, and I miss my friends that I see at school. Also summer is awesome because of all the trips you get to go on! So..... I guess that the pros weigh out the cons. Nevermind summer still is as awesome as always!