Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite Sport

   Okay, I am back! Today I am going to write about sports, and games, well most of the sports I know about. Also, I will make fun of some of the sports, so don't take it personally.
   Lets start with the sport that most people know about, football. I didn't really get football when I was younger, and right now, I still only have a basic concept of it. Here's what I say about it. You try to catch the football, but when you catch it, you get tackled by a six foot linebacker! So, why would you want to catch the ball? It's pretty much whoever has the ball gets tackled by the six foot two linebacker! Who wants to be tackled?!?! Not me, that's for sure, unless you like being on the bottom of a dog pile, then go for it!
   We all know that the american pastime is baseball, and to me, it's way more logical than football. So, when your the batter, you try to hit the ball as far away from you, in order to get safe on first base. Lets vote! Who wants to grab a ball and get tackled, or run away from the ball and not get tackled? I vote for no tackling! How about you?
   Another sport that some people may not know about, is cross-country! My sister does this sport, and trust me, it does not look fun. Look at it this way, when people in baseball and football don't do well, they run as their punishment, well that's what the cross-country runners do for a sport! "My sport is your sports punishment" Is what my sister says.
   Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! This simple swimming pool game is full of cheats. For example, anyone can open their eyes underwater and see the blurry images of the people who are Polo, put the people who are Polo can't see if Marco opened his eyes, since it's blurry. Also, Polo can just go underwater every time a person calls out Marco, and avoid saying Polo. I sure don't play that game with my cousin for all of those reasons.
   Let's go to Polo. We all know that golf is hard as it is, but what happens when you add horses to the mix? If you guessed Polo, you are correct! You win one smiley face! :-D Seriously, though, who wants to play golf on a horse? I love horses and all, but the last time I rode a horse, I was pretty sure you needed both hands, unless you have a magical ability over horses. Which would be creepy. All horses would be at your command, imagine the power!

"I've loved the stars
 too fondly
 to be fearful
 of the dark."

   Authors Note: I love all the views I am getting, I have a goal of 1,000 page views!
   Also, does anyone have any sports they want me to write about?

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  1. As I read your insightful, often thoughtful, but slightly slanted and nearly denunciatory 19 Sep 2012 post concerning sports like polo making no sense to you. I was struck by how replacing just a few key words in your post could have made it my very own. For instance, me writing about another "past-time" some choose that I find just as crazy. A nearly deafening pass-time. Those with a peculiar dedication to a soprano-ranged, double reed musical instrument of the woodwind family made from a wooden tube roughly 60 cm long, with metal keys, a conical bore and flared bell...which produces sounds by blowing into a bamboo reed covered with spit thusly vibrating a column of hot air and creating the same noise produced by an angry gaggle of mating swans. And many of these dedicated whistle blowers will even take it to a higher level of insanity by marching down a paved street in formation at temperatures over 100 degrees oh my gosh! What could possibly be more "logical then that?" I'm going to have to say, "riding a horse and golfing". If anyone agrees then I give you two smiley faces. Not sure how to make the smiley face symbol here. P.S. 1. You asked me to comment and thus invited this trouble 2. The oboe does sound a bit like mating swans so admit it 3. You are a fine musician 4. Your the cutest oboe player I ever saw 5. I liked your post very much and your writing ability is fantastic and I will be looking forward to reading your political views during the upcoming presidential election. It will be nice to get the perspective of a musician, athlete, intellectual from your generation on who will win, and why they should win.