Friday, September 23, 2011

Spirit Week : day 1 and 2

   Hmm.... on the first day of spirit week it was Sport day. Most people didn't even dress up because they forgot over the weekend! and I ended up being 1 out of 7 people showing school spirit. Oh well.
   Nerd day was better. NERD DAY! Nerd day is so awesome. It's like a national phenomenon only in our school. Nerd day is the favorite day of the entire school year. Nerd day is as famous as.... pie! Yeah it's the day of suspenders, glasses, and of course nerds.

erd: Be nice to nerds. you will probably work for one someday.
Excellent: Nerds are excellent dictionaries, spellers,and are good at math
Right: When you want an answer from a nerd they go all technical
Dumb... NOT!: Nerds are definitely not dumb

Note: Sorry I haven't wrote in a while but nothing was happening I will write tomorrow! PEACE!