Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday was Father's day! For me, it was pretty fun. My sister and I got up and made cinnamon rolls for our dad. We all ate them on his bed. We laughed around for a little bit. Then my sister got out our gifts. My sister drew a elegant picture, in pen, for my dad, and I drew a picture, but it had words forming the picture instead. After we showed this to our dad, we got out our last gift. Pictures! Ali and I had gone out to take pictures for Dad. I was embarrassed! Most of them had me making a weird face! Oh, well it was fun at least! That was my Father's day. He sort of got fed up at being the center of attention all day. So he made a dinner of gigantic meatballs!

F: faithful
A: acknowledging
T: trustworthy
H: honest
E: (I don't know an E word!!!)
R: reliable

Happy Monday!