Friday, November 16, 2012

March, March, Marching Time!

Today I am actually going to write about Monday, even though it's Friday, but who cares! :-D
     On Monday, the band went to march in the Veterans Day parade! We were scheduled to leave at eight fifteen, before school started but the bus was late, like, really late, so we ended up leaving at  nine o'clock. We still made it to the parade, and in plenty of time, but just not as early as we were supposed to be. In all parades, I play the flute, because my band teacher doesn't want me to break my reeds, because they are really expensive, almost twenty dollars for one reed! Other reeds, like a clarinet reed, is only about two dollars, do you see the difference now? So, here I am, standing in a straight line forwards and sideways, in the frigid morning at nine thirty, when finally, we start to march. Basically that means, going the same speed, in line with the people around you, playing a song that is memorized over and over again, and yet the crazy people who do this are the band members. We actually do more waiting to do the parade than the actual parade. And at the end of the parade, we head over to a park, where they will announce the winners of the parade. Desert Hills Middle School, my school, got........ five out of six awards! That's the best the marching band has ever done! Wooh! Of course that meant we got first place, so another Wooh! :-D
 Maybe we can get all the awards next year!

"I have
chosen to be
because it is
good for
my health." 

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