Wednesday, June 19, 2013


  Guess what happened to me today? I got woke up by a dog. A freaking dog. I don't own a dog, nobody in my family owns a dog, so how is this possible. So here I am, sleeping peacefully, not fully functioning, when I am woke up by a dog. I was so confused for five seconds, because I wasn't processing all of this. Well, until my sister laughed and I looked up at her.
   Apparently, when my sister went to run, there was a stray dog walking around. Except this dog was really friendly and it responded to basic commands. So my sister decided to bring him home, at freaking seven in the morning, and decided to wake me up with a dog sniffing and licking my face.
   The dog was a pure white Siberian Husky, with pale blue eyes. We think he was about eight months old, but we weren't sure. So we had a husky in our house for a day. We went to an animal hospital, and he had a chip in him, so we were able to return him to his owners!!!!!

"You told me once that you weren't a hero,
there were times where
I didn't think you were human,
but let me tell you in this,
you were the best man,
the most human...
human being I have ever known,
and no one will ever convince me
that you told me a lie.
I was so alone,
and I owe you so much
there's just one more thing, one more miracle,
Sherlock, for me.
Don't. Be. Dead.
Would you do that? Just for me. Just stop it."

-John Watson from Sherlock Holmes

That's from my favorite television series! Also, I just felt like writing this.

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